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Andy & Nicole K. in Belleville, MI


We were looking for an extra space for our family that was growing, and we also needed a space for my husband to start doing some work from home. So, we decided to finish our basement to expand our living space. I work from home about 2 days a week and I didn’t really have a space to use for working, but I do now. We looked up online a few contractors and we had three different companies come to house including Finished basements plus. It was a little difficult to find specific contractors to basement remodels, so we were excited to see what Finished Basements Plus had to offer. The first thing that we were impressed by was the service. Everyone we talked to was very helpful and knowledgeable about basement finishing. We were also very impressed with their willingness to work within our budget which was a big plus for us. Joseph worked with us on a couple different options to try and meet our budget, I was also impressed as out of all the people who came and looked at our basement before we made our decision. He took at least an hour down here to measure everything and since I am an engineer that kind of spoke to my heart that he would take the time to measure everything out and to put together a nice 3D rendering of the space for us to look at. Him taking that time up front really lead us to believe that Finished Basements Plus was going to do a really good job and that they knew what they were doing. We had a great overall experience, every contractor that came in was very friendly and attentive to detail, there were also a few little things that came up during the construction process that Finished Basements Plus worked very quickly to remedy and make this space better than we had anticipated. I thought they really went above and beyond, they were communicative with us which was helpful for us as we have busy schedules. We knew when their people were going to be in and out and I was really impressed with the project manager and the contractors as well. You could tell they took their time and were responsive to our questions. I think my favorite thing about the basement is having a space to send the kids when it’s too cold to play outside and they have too much energy. It’s been helpful. I like having an office down here as a place that I can get away when I need to get some work done. We would recommend them and already have to a lot of our friends. We have had a really good experience and we feel like we got a lot of value out of what they did, and we would recommend them.

- Andy & Nicole K. of Belleville