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Jason & Amy P. in Waterford Township, MI


When we were first buying this place we knew that it had an unfinished basement so one of the things we wanted to have is to get the most use out of that walkout and because it has such high ceilings it is really more like another room of the house not necessarily just a basement. We really felt that making the most use out of the space was the best thing. Well we wanted a mother in law kitchen because he is a really good cook, so we wanted to make sure we had the opportunity to have 2 stoves and 2 refrigerators, and we wanted a full-size bathroom, and also a little office and a living space. We looked at a couple different places but, in general, we went to an open house, the one we went to was phenomenal it was a space much larger than this one, but it was  just fantastic and we met the owner and he was great, he talked us through a lot of stuff, he had a portfolio. Once we met Chip, he took us through everything and he was very professional. He liked the way we went through all the steps in terms of the contracts, the design, and all the elements involved. It was overall a very professional setup and nothing like anything we have ever been involved in, even building our home. It was really smooth, they adhered to their timeline, we loved that we could see the schedule online, every day it would say who was coming and when. Finished Basements Plus tested and found Radon in our basement which is great because I would never have tested the basement myself. They even worked the radon mitigation into our basement quote.

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