2 Track Water System

A DryTrak drainage system is designed for basements you can’t jackhammer due to the type of foundation. Foundations such as monolithic, where the concrete is poured in one piece roughly 4-6 inches thick and serves as the floor and foundation. With monolithic flooring, jackhammering would be difficult, and it could cause structural problems and possible settlement of the home.
To install the DryTrak system, a subfloor drainage system is installed around the perimeter about 3-4 feet away from the walls, with a drainpipe that runs to the sump pump (or TripleSafe). After the floor is prepared near the walls and weeping holes are drilled into the base of the walls, the DryTrak system is epoxied at the floor’s perimeter against the walls. CleanSpace is also placed on the walls to help guide the water to the DryTrak.

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