Crawl Space Encapsulation

Up to half of the air you breathe in your home can come from your crawl space. Therefore, keeping it clean and as dry as possible is vital. Also, if your crawl space tends to hold moisture, it puts your home at risk of water damage from mold, wood can begin to rot, pests can infest, and it could decrease energy efficiency.

Encapsulating your crawl space is a way to keep moisture out and other unwanted problems out of your home. In addition, sealing off the area can protect your home’s foundation and makes your home a healthier place to live. Other benefits from encapsulating your crawl space include: improving air quality and healthy living conditions, eliminating bug infestation, preventing mold and mildew issues, thwarts structural damage, and increasing energy efficiency.

This home was having a lot of issues with the crawl space after the sewer line burst, causing a lot of funky smells to creep through the floorboards. The homeowner already had some health issues and used multiple air purifiers throughout the home. By encapsulating the crawl space, we were able to help eliminate those smells and help provide better air quality in the house. We also added a sump pump to the crawl space and a Sedona SaniDry to help combat any extra moisture and mold in the air.

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