Designing a Kid-Friendly Basement Playroom

Are you looking to create a kid-friendly finished basement but aren’t sure where to start? Explore our tips for designing a kid-friendly basement playroom.

Designing a Kid-Friendly Basement Playroom

Having a space dedicated to your kids and all their toys sounds very appealing to every parent. A playroom has many elements that help make it functional and fun! If you take a look at the project gallery Project Gallery Archive – Basements Plus, you will find Finished Basement has worked on a variety of playrooms in Michigan. Each basement is different, and each client has specific needs. Taking the proper steps will ensure that you end up with the playroom that you and your kids have always dreamed of.

First Basement Playroom Steps

When deciding that you want to create a basement playroom, there are some questions you need to ask yourself. What are your basement playroom needs? Some playrooms are dedicated solely to toys while others include a homework station or even a place where kids can watch television. When figuring out what components you want to include, it is important to decide on a size and budget. Knowing what space you are using, and having a set budget can help narrow down your vision. Settling on a design theme can also be beneficial. Is this going to be for younger kids or older kids? What colors or characters will your room feature? Here is a guide to help you choose the best basement colors. The Guide to Choosing Good Basement Colors – Basements Plus With these questions answered, you can move on to choosing your flooring and walls. 

Basement Playroom Flooring and Walls

When choosing floors for your finished basement playroom, there are some things you should consider. How old are the children that will be in this room? Is there a chance they may fall? For babies and toddlers, you may want plush carpet or foam mat flooring. With older children you may want to use hardwood to match the rest of your basement. You can find some flooring ideas here Best Basement Flooring Options (Get the Pros and Cons) ( . With the playroom walls, you can decide to go standard, or you can include built-in furniture. Built-in furniture allows you to create a unique kids basement playroom and provides more storage space. 

Kid-Friendly Playroom Storage Ideas 

One thing that every playroom needs is storage. Between books, toys, crafts, and everything that shows up during the holidays, there is always a need for storage. While searching for kid playroom ideas, think of how you can optimize your space and have maximum storage. This can be achieved using shelving, matching containers, or with furniture that has built in drawers and/or shelves. Get your creativity flowing by looking at these adorable playroom ideas 16 Joyful Basement Playroom Designs for Your Dearest (

Basement Playroom Safety

As parents, the number one concern is safety, and it is our concern at Finished Basement as well. All basements need to have an emergency exit. This can be a walk out basement or an egress window Egress Windows 101 for Your Basement Remodeling Project ( It is important that the children who will be playing in the basement playroom, know where the emergency exit is located. Many parents choose to include a video camera or baby monitor. This is a good tool to consider if you plan on being in another room while the kids are using the basement playroom. Other tools that should be within reach (for a parent) are a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. 

Ready to Build Your Child’s Dream Basement Playroom?

Coming up with finished basement playroom ideas can seem daunting and exciting all at once. With taking the proper steps, you can remove the daunting part and, instead, focus on creating a space that children will be comfortable and safe in. Consult with one of our contractors Contact – Basements Plus and start the process today!

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